Dark Corner Distillery Still on Fire

Photo courtesy of WYFF4 Greenville, SC.

Photo courtesy of WYFF4 Greenville, SC.

No, the distillery isn’t on fire. It just keeps grabbing award after award after award. A total of 17 to date. That’s a lotta gold for a little white lightning brand.

If you haven’t heard of Dark Corner Distillery yet, you’re about to — because they just took home a gold medal and Best in Class award in Denver at the American Craft Distillers Association spirits competition. Recently Dark Corner also won a gold medal from the Beverage Tasting Institute.

What makes Dark Corner Distillery’s Moonshine so buzz worthy (excuse the pun)? They say it’s their unique blend of corn, red wheat and barley using time-honored techniques passed down from America’s early settlers. They hand-mash and twice-distill each batch, which many shineficionados claim delivers a remarkably smooth finish. Even at 100 proof.

Head on over to their site to learn more about ’em. Buy a bottle of Dark Corner Distillery Moonshine and support the craft movement. And read up on their “Heritage” page, which in my semi-expert opinion, is one of the better historic write-ups about the Celtic immigrants who shined in our nation’s early days.

Hats off to these fellas for doin’ it damn right.



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