Top Gear USA Goes on Moonshine Challenge

In an upcoming episode of Top Gear USA, the hosts buy a car for $1,000 and show up in rural North Carolina, where they pick up their cargo: 25 gallons of hooch apiece. The challenge is to survive an off-road coarse in a ’76 Coupe de Ville without breaking all the mason jars of moonshine loaded in the trunk. Can Top Gear pull it off? Here’s a sneak peek.


First Legal Moonshine Distillery in Tennessee


Heard about this a couple months back and it is in fact true. Tennessee has finally legalized the production and sale of moonshine in the state. Ole Smokey Moonshine will be Tennessee’s first licit taste of ‘shine. For now they will be selling their stuff on location, but there are plans in the works to bring Ole Smokey to retail stores.

The distillery opened in the Ole Smoke Holler at 903 Parkway in Gatlinburg, which hopes to one day rival Franklin County, Virginia as the moonshine capital of the country.

Can’t wait to take a distillery tour and bring some hooch back to South Carolina.